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  • Consultacy

    All services can be customized to meet your individual needs. Advisory projects can be tailored to local contexts and languages and can take place at the local, country, or regional level.
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  • Youth Empowerment

    Develop capacity of youth to lead in-country youth employment initiatives Promote youth employment to address key development challenges.
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  • students in front of Victory mustang statue

    Arms Control

    We as an organization are dedicated to promoting public understanding and support for effective arms control policies Working to eliminate the threats posed by the regional's most dangerous weapons.
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  • Forestry

    To help people adapt to the effects of climate change, community forestry can build the resilience and social capital of local communities, as well as the stability of their forest ecosystems.
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  • Enviroment

    To help people adapt to the effects of climate change, community forestry can build the resilience and social capital of local communities, as well as the stability of their forest ecosystems.
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  • Stop Child Soldiers

    IT'S IMMORAL FOR ADULTS TO USE CHILDREN IN WAR We work for children to live free from military exploitation and harm. The use of boys and girls for military purposes violates their human rights. Those who exploit children often try to hide their activities.
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Arms Controll Videos

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  • Accounting program instruction

    Health care workers

    While AIDS is causing an increased demand for health services, large numbers of healthcare professionals are being directly affected by the epidemic.

  • Applied Mathematics

     The impact on households

    In Uganda it is estimated that, on average, every income earner is likely to acquire one additional dependent over the next ten years due to the AIDS epidemic

  • Students working in lab

    Food production

    The AIDS epidemic adds to food insecurity in many areas, as agricultural work is neglected or abandoned due to household illness. In Uganda, where food shortages.

  • Adult students listening to lecture

    Eradicate Poverty & Hunger

    Violence impacts on the economic stability of the family through lost work which in turn affects food security and results in increased hunger.

  • Business Communication

    Environmental sustainability

    Women's lack of participation due to violence can limit the success of natural resource management and environmental sustainability programmes, as this knowledge is not incorporated..

  • adult students working on a computer project

    Develop a global partnership

    Co-operation and partnership between all those engaged in development is often undermined by gender based violence, thereby negating the very possibility of realising the rights .

Global Knowledge Resources
  • Professor pointing at board

    Build Capacity

    Young people around the world are in great need of skill development and need to build their capacities to address the challenges they face in their communities.

  • teacher explaining high-level concept to adult students


    Your outreach to these institutions will help to leap-frog the development of RCIDC Country Networks, and to strengthen the activities that they are undertaking.

  • Speaker lecturing group

    Generate Discussion

    One of the greatest barriers with regards to youth employment is that it is still not seen as an urgent issue that needs the commitment and engagement of stakeholders at all levels.

Stability of
+ ecosystems
they can recognize and respond more quickly to threats such as pests and fires.

With their strong long-term interest in the forest, local people have proven themselves to be capable custodians of forest ecosystems. .